Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hadley Walks!

Hadley took her official first steps a few weeks ago and since then she will take a step or two her and there. This afternoon we were playing upstairs and I just happen to start filming and she took off! Walked from the playroom all the way into the study (20 feet or so) -I couldn't believe it. She just kept getting up and going.

I wish I could turn my annoying voice off, but I just can't! Also, notice Maverick and her need to be right there with us. At. All. Times.

I wonder if this was a fluke or if we have a walking girl now? Only time will tell!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Week in the Snow

For years, we have always traveled the day after Christmas to Cloudcroft, New Mexico. My parents have a beautiful house in the mountains and we've all come to love this small mountain town. Last year Derek and I did not go because we had a newborn and didn't feel up to the traveling. This year Derek was unable to take off the week from work and last minute I decided Hadley and I would come! I was worried about traveling alone, but I had lots of help and it was a breeze. Once we were there, I knew I made the right decision and Hadley and I had a blast. We sure did miss daddy though!

 I couldn't have gone through the airport without Mark!! 

The girls loved being pulled in the sled and playing in the snow!

Emily has never used or even taken a pacifier. After a week with Hadley (queen of the pacis) she's been converted! Oops!

We spent a lot of time on the deck with a fire and I strapped Hads in the Baby Bjorn under my coats....

 She was still too cold (and so was I) and so Poppy shared his "Eskimo Coat" (this coat is able to be used with weather at -20!) We were both very warm and happy!

 We went out to dinner and had one of the local girls Caroline knows come babysit.

On the last night, we cooked at home and the girls played on their iPads.

Hadley and I had a blast and can't wait until our next trip! Thanks mom and dad!