Monday, October 22, 2012

Just in time...

Hadley has learned to blow her nose. Just in time for cold and flu season! I think they must have taught them this at school, because today she has been begging for a wipe or tissue all day and she's been doing this...

So funny!! Its amazing how much she learns by watching us and by being at school one day a week!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Baby stuff

This week my best friend Lacey and her brand new son, Charlie came over to play. I brought down a few of Hadley's baby gadgets down for Charlie and Hadley thought they were for her. It was hilarious.

The last time we saw Charlie was at Lacey's house and Hadley was MAD. Every time I tried to hold the baby or really even looked at him she got jealous and screamed. She did much better this time. Right when they got to our house Charlie needed to eat and Lacey had a bottle for him so I got to feed him! Yeah! Hadley was not happy at first but I brought her up on the chair with me so she could "help". She wouldn't dare look at him, but she put her hand on the bottle and thought she was so helpful. 

Little Charlie was so sleepy and we were trying to wake him up by putting him on his tummy for some tummy time and guess who thought she'd join? 

She didn't quite understand why she wasn't being cheered on by laying on her tummy! So funny!!

Isn't he precious? He looks like he's going to a business meeting with his collared shirt. Love him!

Hadley said bye bye to the baby and asks about him, but wants to make sure everyone understands that I'm her momma only. She's not ready to share momma yet! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Playing in the Backyard

Our back yard is gorgeous, and a big selling point when we saw the house for the first time! We have a pool, a big patio and a small side yard.

This was how the side yard was ok, just not our style and didn't fit our needs! It was a lush garden that grew and grew.

And grew. About 6 months after we moved in, this was our side yard....
Hadley couldn't play near it and even Maverick was a little sketchy to go back in there! It wasn't meeting our needs at all. So we ripped all of it out and put some sod in and a new bed...

It made a HUGE difference! We love it.
Since the weather has cooled off Hadley wants to play outside all day. She throws the biggest fit when we have to go inside. She loves it. 

 Here are some pictures from this week playing outside:

I've been wanting to give her an outdoor playhouse for awhile and we decided to get it for her 2nd birthday (I couldn't wait until November, so she's getting her gift a few weeks early!!) I ordered it this weekend and it came today! Hadley spent the morning with her Aunt Jess and took a long nap, so I set the house up! She loves the flowers in the front yard and loves to help me water them, so I planted her a little garden of her own. 

As soon as she got up from her nap we went outside and I let her find the house. She ran up to it and rang the doorbell (which I thought was very polite!)

And did some exploring...

And them immediately said, "uh oh" and ran out of the house... 

She was missing her two best friends...

Kitty, Hadley and Minnie= BFF

They had a tea party...

Until a very rude, uninvited guest came in the house. Hadley said "bye, bye" and shut Maverick out! So funny! Maverick wants in this house so bad. 

I think many special memories will happen in our backyard this fall. 

Its getting close to dinner time and I hope she'll let me bring her inside! Hads and Maverick may be camping in the playhouse tonight!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Dance Dance

We had the best morning today. Our good friend, Lindsay and Laighton invited us to Laighton's dance class. It was "bring a friend to class" week and they were sweet enough to ask us! They live in the best neighborhood that has this adorable shopping center (where the dance studio is) inside of it and everyone drives golf carts around. How fun is that!? Hadley adored riding in the golf cart and said "weeee" the whole time!

When we got there all of the ballerinas go into the room by themselves and the moms sit in the lobby and watch the class on the big screen TVs. It is the best idea ever. I had no idea how Hadley would do, but she did amazing! Followed directions, stayed with the class, participated, e.t.c. I took pictures of the TV screens...

She was a little weary to join the circle, but after a few seconds went and sat with L. / When it was time to go sit on the wall she marched right over!

The teacher had them one at a time tip toe down the studio and do a little turn at the end/ Then they laid out "magic rainbows" and practiced leaping over them. 

They sat in a little circle and did some stretching and animal sounds, but Hads wanted to dance/ And then the best part. She got up and danced her little heart out! So cute!!

Hadley was so thrilled to be invited to dance class that she gave Laighton a big hug!!

There is a fun coffee shop next door that we went to grab a coffee/ juice box and a donut hole. Hadley just licked the icing off!

After dance and coffee we ran to pick up Laighton's Halloween costume. We rode the carousel for the first time and she was terrified for the first few seconds and then fell in LOVE. She's been talking about the neighs (horses) all day. There were some tears when we said goodbye to our new horse friend!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Pictures

Here are the most recent pictures of our girl at the Arboretum. Their pumpkin patch is amazing and this is our second year to take pictures there. I hope this becomes and annual tradition!

This was in the same spot- one year later!

always running somewhere

Sassy girl on a mission.

This face kills me. 

Happy Fall Y'all!