Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The perintologist called with our results from the N/T scan. They were wonderful! Baby J has a 1/4,200 chance of being born with Down Syndrome and a 1/10,000 chance of being born with chromosonal abnormalities. Thank you God for a healthy baby. We would have loved you no matter what, but we are thankful you are healthy (and beautiful already!!!)

13 weeks, 6 days

Thursday, May 20, 2010


There aren’t too many relationships that are like the ones of sisters. I’ve been so lucky to grow up with a sister. Admittedly, Caroline and I didn’t always get along, but we are as close now as sisters can be

Lizzy and Caroline- 1985

We are three years apart, but we were married 10 months apart and will have babies 6 months apart- how lucky are we?? My sister is the kind of person who had no problem “sharing her thunder” when we were engaged at the same time. In fact, she was my second biggest wedding planner (behind mom, of course!) There aren’t too many brides-to-be that will share like that! She also was my biggest supporter when I became pregnant. Even at her showers she made sure everyone knew I was pregnant too. My sister is one of a kind.

And then sweet Emily was born, and my respect for my sister completely grew. My sister was strong, brave and positive throughout her labor and recovery. I can only hope I am half as brave as she was. Emily is now 2 weeks old and Caroline is already supermom. I have SO much to learn from her.

Caroline, thank you for sweet Emily and letting me snuggle and cuddle with her when I want! I can not wait to see Em grow up. I am so lucky to be her Aunt.

Welcome to the world, Emily Delany. So many people already love you so much. What a blessing you are to our family. Love you, peanut!

                                                           Tummy time for Emily!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

11 Weeks

Our baby is so lucky to have so many wonderful cousins. I was over at Jessica’s 2 weeks ago for a Scentsy party, and I had just left the doctor for my 11 week appointment. I was excited about this appointment because I was going to be able to hear the heartbeat via Doppler. Dr. Michelsen warned me that 11 weeks was sometimes too early to hear the heartbeat and not to be worried if she couldn’t find it right away. Long story short, we couldn’t hear the heartbeat so I got to have another sonogram! I’m always up for seeing my baby! Our sweet baby was moving around and kicking and had a strong heartbeat at 157 bpm (beats per minute).

I was able to get a picture of the baby and I brought it to Jessica’s to show her and Christi. Since all the Euting kids were there I thought it would be a great time to tell them. I brought Abbey and Zoey into Jessica’s room and showed them the picture. Zoey got it right away but Abbey was a little confused, so I told her that I was going to have a baby! Both girls squealed and sweet Abbey asked if Uncle Bar knew. So funny! I know our baby will be so lucky to get to know their 6 “Johnson” cousins!


After I have told people I am pregnant, I am usually asked these questions:

How do you feel? I am feeling OK for the most part. I am really tired and am nauseous most days. Tums have become my new BFF and if they ever discontinue the Tums Berry Smoothies, we will have a BIG problem! The best way to describe how I feel is hungover, which is a cruel joke seeing as I can’t drink! I decided to cut out all caffeine so I think my headaches are because of that. However, I am so lucky and excited to be pregnant that I refuse to complain about these symptoms!

Is Derek excited? YES! I know I can’t speak for Derek, but I will anyways! This baby was prayed for and very much wanted from both Derek and I. I am so lucky to have Derek, he is my better half. He is the cool, calm and collected one and thank goodness I have that! He has been so supportive from day one of this process and I couldn’t have done it without him. He is going to be the best dad, I am 100% positive of that. He hasn’t been out in the middle of the night for a craving yet, but I’m sure I can make that happen =) I am so lucky to get to be on this journey with him. Everyday just gets better and better.

Will you find out the sex? Of course! I really don’t understand HOW people don’t find out! From the beginning, Derek and I have thought we don’t care boy or girl we just want happy, healthy and normal. We have our N/T scan on May 18th, and the doctor said we may be able to find out the sex then. What do you think it is??

What names do you have picked out? Picking out a name is so hard! Nothing is decided yet, and I’m sure we will wait until we find out the sex before we decide on something 100%.

Are you excited? I’m not quite sure excited really describes how I feel. I’m not sure there are even words. I thank God every day that I get to be this baby’s mother. We both love this baby so much.

Exciting News!!

Welcome to our family blog! I can’t tell you how I’ve been itching to start a blog, but we wanted to wait until we had some exciting news to blog about! As most of you have heard, I am pregnant! I am excited to use this blog to share news and pictures with family and friends and to keep a journal of our first baby. I am due on November 25th, Thanksgiving Day! This certainly does change our annual Thanksgiving plans. I have already made it very clear that even if our little turkey is born on its due date, I am still determined to eat Thanksgiving dinner! I don’t care if we have to eat it in December! =)

I found out I was pregnant “for sure” on St. Patrick’s Day, and we have been so excited ever since. So far, the most fun part about being pregnant is telling our families. Some family members were very surprised by the news and others were just waiting for an announcement! The day after we found our my parents left for Italy for 10 days. It was the longest 10 days ever! We had so much fun telling…

The Johnsons

We went over to Steve and Christi’s house on Wednesday, March 24th (the day before her birthday) so we could give her an early birthday present. Derek was so antsy to tell SOMEONE, so I knew he was so excited to get this over with! Many months ago I bought a stuffed animal that is identical to our beloved dog, Maverick. I had been saving it for this exact moment. I made a card that read “Maverick is going to be a big sister” on the front and “Baby Johnson Due November 25th” on the back and tied it around the stuffed animals neck. It didn’t take long for them to figure it out!  Derek and I are so blessed to have Steve and Christi in our lives and I know baby J is so lucky to have Mimi and Pa as their grandparents!

The timing of all this was perfect, as Jenny was coming in town for the weekend. Derek and I stopped by Jessica’s house on Friday to show them the Mav stuffed animal. It was so fun telling them and we were so glad Jenny was in town! Derek and I can’t wait to tell the kids about their new cousin!

The Kellys

As I said earlier, my parents were our of the country about the time we found out. It was so hard not telling them! They landed really late on Saturday night and I suggested dinner at their house on Sunday night. I kept double checking throughout the week to make sure the dinner was still on. Dinner was at 6:30 and Derek and I were there early! We wanted to tell right when we got there but we were waiting on Mark to get there. As soon as Mark got their, my dad figured out that the grill was out of propane, so my mom and I had to go get more at the store. When we got back everyone was outside except Caroline, and I couldn’t convince her to come outside. Finally at 8:00 everyone was in the same place. Later, everyone told us how weird Derek and I were acting! We gave my dad a welcome home present- a onesie that said “CEO Chief Executive Offspring” . Everyone was still unsure, but that changed quickly when my mom opened her gift. She opened it backward so that Caroline and Mark were the only ones that could see what was written on the frame. It said Baby Johnson Due November 25th. I almost sent Caroline into pre-term labor! Everyone was so surprised! I was so glad I filmed this and so glad Mark was thinking on his toes and took over filming! I can not wait for our kids to get to know their Papa Goo and Nanny. They are going to be wonderful grandparents!

Thank you to our families, we are so blessed to have everyone of you!