Monday, April 29, 2013


I love the wildflowers that bloom in Texas. (fun fact: my Indian Princess name was Wildflower, my dad was Wild Turkey....I used to think it was because he loved hunting turkey! Too funny.) I especially love bluebonnets, and nothing is cuter than little kids in the bluebonnets. I waited too long this spring and learned my lesson- when we went last night to take some pictures they were basically all gone. Abbey and Zoey were over and so we headed up to the fields and made an evening out of it!

She looooves picking flowers and "smelling" them

My little wildflower dancing


Getting pictures of her at this age is so hard! I am counting down the days until she will pause and smile for the camera! I got some great pictures of my nieces too. They are beautiful (inside and out). 

LOVE this picture! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013


This pregnancy is flying by. It literally feels like I just saw the positive pregnancy test and almost passed out! 

It was the week before Christmas and I was at the eye doctor preparing for Lasik surgery the next morning. The eye doctor came to talk to me to tell me about the procedure and he asked me if I could be pregnant. He said that they could not do the procedure if there was even a chance I could be pregnant. I laughed and said no. Getting pregnant with Hadley was difficult and Derek and I were planning on beginning that journey in January. 

The doctor asked if I would take a test- they had some in the office. I politely declined and signed the papers, paid the deposit and went on my merry way. At home, I was digging around in my bathroom and found an old pregnancy test and so I took it at the eye doctor's insistence, left the room and called Derek to tell him about the appointment. He was on the phone when I walked back in the bathroom and I'm pretty sure I dropped the phone. I called him back to tell him, " I think this pregnancy test says positive." He totally didn't believe me! I After about 100 questions, I hung up the phone to run to CVS for a digital test. Seeing the words pregnant on this test will be a moment I will never forget. I burst into tears (happy ones) and called Derek back. He was so, so excited and kept telling me to calm down and asked if he needed to come home! After I hung up I called Caroline and cried some more to her! I think I was in shock! 

It was such a fun time to find out since all of our family was going to be in town and together. The Ross' and Grams were coming in town the next night and we were going to all go to the Euting's for dinner. I made Hadley a shirt...

We headed over the Eutings and Hadley was wearing a jacket. When we were all in the same room, I wrestled Hads out of the jacket (of course this was the first time ever, she insisted on wearing the jacket!) Pa noticed right away but everyone else was quiet.  Finally Jenny yelled out "I thought it said BIG SANTA!" Hah. It was so fun telling all of them together! Jenny happened to be in town when we found out about Hadley too! 

We weren't going to be with my family until Christmas Eve and had to wait to tell them after their annual brunch. The day before Hadley got a new princess dress and so I snapped this picture of her to give to my parents. Caroline helped me get my parents into their room...

And snapped this picture....

Christmas came and went. And then I fell off the face of the earth for the next 12 weeks! It was a rough  1st trimester. Much worse than with Hadley. Of course, chasing around a 2 year old adds a fun dynamic! Aunt Jessica and my nieces were a life saver during this time. Every week Jess came to pick up Hadley to get her out of house and take her on fun adventures for a few hours. (Wednesdays with Aunt Jess are Hadley's favorite day of the week!!) And Abbey and Zoey came over every Friday after school and took over Hadley duties for most of the weekend.  They are the best. They came over and played with her outside, did crafts, built her tents, made up games, fed her, e.t.c. This list could go on and on!! They still come over most weekends and I can't wait until they are out for the summer!! 

Fast forward to now. I'm feeling great, have had really great doctor appointments and the house is slllllllooowwwwly getting prepared for another family member. When I think that I only have 3.5 months left I get anxious, but we're getting stuff done! I'm trying to savor every second with Hadley and get as much sleep as possible now! 

20 weeks at The Masters