Thursday, August 22, 2013

Harper Christine Johnson

Harper Christine Johnson is here! She was born Tuesday, August 20th at 3:53 p.m. She was 8 lbs. 2 oz and 19.5  inches long and beautiful. We are so in love and its already hard to imagine life without her.

 I will blog more about Harper's birthday and when she met her big sister. We are all happy, healthy (momma's tired!) and home! Thank you for your prayers and checking up on us! We all feel the love!

I don't have a great picture of her yet, but I'm working on are a few pictures of Harper's birthday!

My girls! This picture makes my heart so happy!!!!!

Happy to be going home!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Family Pictures

While we were in Destin this year, we had professional pictures taken on the beach. We spent the whole time bribing Hadley with marshmallows and they turned out really great! I'm so glad we were able to get pictures of our last family vacation as a family of three!!

July Recap

I've been bad at taking pictures lately, but I wanted to do a quick recap of July. We spent the first two weeks of July in Destin and it was a great trip. I was very pregnant, so did lots of resting while everyone else played! The first half was with my family and while there was A LOT of rain, we still had a blast. The second half was with the Johnson and Ross family and Hadley had a great time at Mimi's Beach House and playing with Nick and Noah.

 We had a babysitter come a few nights so we could go out to dinner without the kids!

Hadley and Emily loved the beach this year! Hadley looked for mermaids the whole time!

After being stuck inside for nearly 3 days, everyone went a little crazy when it stopped raining!

Hadley loved having Aunt Jenny, Nick and Noah build her sandcastles! We went to dinner without the kids thanks to Mimi and Pa!

Derek and I celebrated 6 years of marriage and 9 months of pregnancy!

The annual DeLany family reunion- the girls stayed home with Abbey and Zoey while we went to dinner! Hadley loved sharing her Abbey and Zoey with Lil and Emily!

We also celebrated Aunt Jess' birthday and had some great family photos taken!

Isn't this the cutest picture? My favorite kiddos!!

July flew by and now we are days away from baby sister's arrival! How is that possible!!?