Thursday, March 14, 2013


Today we did something I've wanted to do with Hadley for a long time. We rode the Dart Rail downtown and walked to Klyde Warren Park. The Parker Plano Dart Station is very easy to get to and only about 15 minutes from our house. Since Abbey and Zoey were on Spring Break they joined us.

We got up early to get ready, packed sack lunches and headed to the "train station". Hadley is really into trains and so we talked last night and all this morning about the 'choo-choos' and she was SO excited. We packed Hadley's bag with plenty of suckers, snacks, and coloring books (they were all very necessary!)

We waited for our train and Hadley was getting so excited!

We boarded the train and picked our our spots...Hadley was a little nervous, but as soon as the train started she was in Heaven!

We only had one quick crying session. But it was nothing a minute with her paci couldn't fix! 

After about 30 minutes we were at our stop and the train got off right by daddy's office. We all waved to daddy and then started our walk to the park! We ran into our friends and Hadley got to give them all a hug. Emily told Hadley about all the best toys in the playground! 

We played for a bit and then had a picnic lunch.

And then explored the park. They had about 10 food trailers out and it seemed that every spring breaker was out enjoying this beautiful day!

We found the Reading Area where they had 6 or 7 carts of books that you could borrow books and read at the park. This is Hadley's dream! We set up an area and she kept going back and forth getting new books! This was so fun. 

We walked back to the train station and timed it perfectly, as our train was due in 2 minutes. We had a great ride home and I cannot wait to do this again! Such a fun day with my favorite girls!