Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pretty Girl

I got a new camera lens for Christmas and have been trying it out the last few days. Enjoy these pictures of our sweetie! Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hadley's First Christmas

This Christmas is one that I will never forget. I love the Christmas season and this year was so special. We were able to celebrate with all of Hadley's grandparents, 3 of her great-grandparents, all of her aunts and uncles and all 7 of her first cousins! How lucky are we?

There is nothing more special than spending the holidays with family. Our Christmas started on Monday when the Ross family came in town. We met them at Steve and Christi's so they could meet Hadley.

Noah, Nick and Aunt Jenny meeting Hadley

The next morning, we had the annual cookie decorating day at the Euting's house. It was so fun having all the kids together! 

We spent the day at Steve and Christi's to open presents and visit...

Hadley and Grams

Hadley has her own stocking at Mimi and Pa's now

Everyone's stockings

The kids table at lunch- Hadley will sit here next year!

The kids write letters to Santa to tell them why they were good and what they want for Christmas. Nick wrote Hadley's for her. So cute!!

All the grandkids (including Maverick!)

Opening presents

The next morning was the my parent's annual Christmas Eve Brunch. I love our brunch and look forward to it every year. It was so fun to have the babies there!

Hadley relaxing while I got ready for the day

Derek and Mark are the bartenders

Momu and Hadley

Hads spent the party sleeping in her sling!

That night we went to the Gilmore's for a tamale dinner and Christmas Carols. The Gilmore's have hosted this party for as long as I can remember. It wouldn't be Christmas without it! Thank you Aunt Debbie for such a fun tradition!

My dad and I are the musicians

Hadley and Nanny- she slept through all the singing!

We all spent the night at my parents and on Christmas morning we woke up and took the girls downstairs to see if Santa came!

Matching jammies

Santa came!

Emily and Hadley with their stockings

The girls looking at each other!

Some of Hadley's goodies

After we opened presents Derek, Hadley and I went to get Maverick and we spent the day at home playing with all our new toys. 

We ended the night with dinner at my parents with the Gilmores.

Emily can't wait to play with Hadley

Merry Christmas, Hadley! I will never forget our first Christmas together. I hope you always remember the reason for Christmas and that we love you so much. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our family to yours...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

One Month

Hadley is one month old today and I can not believe how fast this month has gone by. This next part might be a little long, but I want to remember every minute of my sweet punkin's first month! Hadley, you are the light of our lives and this month has been the best of my life!

Sleep: Right now you still sleep best if you are being held. I went a bought a Hot Sling this week so I could still snuggle with you and have my hands to do things! You take pretty good naps during the day and will fall asleep about an hour after your start eating. You loving sleeping in your swing and on your soft spot during the day. When you sleep during the day I either nap or do things around the house or go on "adventures". We usually just go to Target or Buy Buy Baby but this last week we went to Nanny's house and to our friend Amanda's house for a playdate! You slept the whole time at both places! At night you have been sleeping in bed with me (so bad I know!) and that is where we both sleep best! You sleep for about 3 1/2- 4 hours on your first stretch and 3 hours on your second stretch. You love to be tightly swaddled and you sleep on your side with your paci. If it falls out you get very mad and I try to plop it back in before you notice so you will stay asleep. Once you are in a deep sleep it falls out because you sleep with your mouth wide open! I love waking up right before you do and watch you start getting hungry. You start sucking and twitching your nose- so precious! I keep you swaddled during your middle of the night feedings and when I finally unswaddle you in the morning it is so sweet to watch you stretch!

Eating: You love eating and eat about 3 oz. every 3 hours. Sometimes you will want to eat every 2 hours during the day but will go up to 4 hours at night!

Sizes: You have grown out of the preemie size clothes and are starting to fill out the newborn size! You grew out of your first outfit this week and I was so sad! You grew from P diapers to newborn and are on  your way to 1s. You are wearing Carter's newborn, BabyGap "up to 7 lbs" and Janie and Jack preemie.

Things you love: You love your paci and you love being on mommy's chest (daddy's too!)

Activities: You don't do too many activities but you are starting to like tummy time and playing on your activity mat!

New things you do: Everything you do is new right now!

Schedule: There is no such thing as a schedule for a newborn, but you do have some routines... especially at night. I go to bed early around 9, but first I change you and put your PJs on and swaddle you and daddy is in charge until your midnight feeding. After you eat he brings you to bed and you sleep with me until you wake up at about 3. I feed you and then you go right back to sleep until about 7! In the mornings we lay in bed and cuddle and I usually take a shower (you love sitting in your bouncy seat in the bathroom while the bath water is running!). You take a bath after your lunch time feeding and we run our errands after that! Evenings can be rough and sometime I'm counting down the seconds until daddy gets home! You love it when daddy comes home and I know its the best part of his day. I just love my time I spend with you!

Hads on her chair and I love how Mav is trying to comfort her!

Happy Birthday, sweet Hadley. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010


This week we've started playing with some of our toys and doing tummy time. Tummy time is so she can excersise and work out her head and neck muscles. Hadley is a little bit of a lazy girl and falls asleep everytime I put her on her belly! She spends a lot of time on her tummy laying on Derek and me and she is getting so good at lifting her little head. I also started putting her on her activity mat and she loves it! She will look and stare at all the toys for about 10 minutes before she wants to be picked up. Maverick is hilarious when Hadley is on the ground. She stares at her and then looks up at me and then lays there and watches her play. Maverick is doing so good with her, she is very gentle and doesn't lick too much!

 Here are some pictures of Hads playing, and a short video at the end!

Tummy time or nap time?

Yesterday we had a cookie exchange with our mom's group at Amanda and Kennedy's house. Kennedy was sweet enough to share her toys with all the babies and Hadley loved sitting in her newborn lounger...In fact, we loved it so much that I went and bought one today. I was going to wrap it and put it under the tree...but we opened it a little early so that mommy could have a little break! 

"Playing" in Kennedy's play room

Big yawn

Emily had fun too! Thanks for having us over Amanda!

Santa Claus is coming to town

He's making a list and checking it twice.

Going to find out who's




Santa Claus is coming to town!