Sunday, November 24, 2013

Love Letters to Hadley: 3rd Birthday


We have just spent a week celebrating your third birthday and we are all tuckered out! I cannot imagine a life without you. I knew from the moment that you were placed in my arms on November 18th, 2010 that all of my dreams had come true.

Almost every day we marvel at how much bigger you have gotten. She looks taller. Look at how big she is. I can't believe she can do that. Those are the things Daddy and I say -- over and over again.
You are so smart and talk so much. You take about 5 minutes to warm-up to most situations, but when you do you light up the room. You have the most empathic little heart and are always asking if people are happy. When someone isn’t “happy” you are almost in tears. What a wonderful trait that is. You speak in full sentences and have new words and sayings each day. You can count to 20 and can sing songs from the radio and say prayers before meal times. You can get yourself dressed, get your own snack and pick up after yourself.

Three years ago I couldn’t have comprehended any of these things. You were this tiny, fragile baby that depended on me for every want and need.

But, I know you are still little. When you throw tantrums, your mouth contorts into your signature cry-face that is simultaneously horrible and hilarious. You want to be carried. You are not even three feet tall! You carry Kitty around with you at all times – and you’re afraid of many new situations. You are still just three tiny years old.

And it’s important for you to know: I’m pretty much in awe of you. You’re three years old, and you are just so perfectly and authentically YOU. You know exactly what you like, and exactly what you don’t, and you’re always true to both. You have a whole drawer full of cute little jeans that you never wear, because you’re just not a jeans girl. You are a twirly dress girl. You don’t like ponytails or bows, instead choosing to leave your hair loose and messy and always in your face.  You’re particular about your food and will only eat the exact same meals every day. You are sweet and kind and curious. You are extremely sensitive and dramatic. You are so, so loveable and the best big sister. And the thing is- you’ve always inspired me to be what I needed me to be. Strong, courageous, forgiving, patient. If I’ve ever been proud of who I am, its because of you. I pray, with all of might, that I am the kind of mother that makes you proud, too.

I wouldn’t be me without all three years of you.

Love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween is not my favorite holiday. For some reason, I'm just not that into it. I realized I needed to appreciate it more when I was a teacher and I saw how excited my students would get in October. And then I have an almost three year old and I totally get the magic of Halloween now! Celebrating Halloween all week has been so much fun and Hadley has a total case of the post-Halloween blues.

Our Halloween celebration started at the Kidville Halloween party. Hadley, Emily and friend Sammie had a blast at the dance party with a live band, crafting, decorating cooking and eating pizza for dinner. Combine all that plus a Cinderella dress and its basically Had's dream come true!

Hadley and Harper were both Cinderella and Emily was Princess Sofia.

Hadley had a party at school on Thursday and then I picked her up early to head to SWA for their annual Halloween party. My dad's department dressed up as the Duck Dynasty crew and my Dad looked exactly like Phil. It is my favorite costume of his! Hadley and Em dressed up in camo tutus and loved matching their Poppy. 

After the SWA party we went to Mimi and Pa's to pick up Harper (Mimi offered to watch Harpie so that Hadley and I could go together to the party. Hads thought it was so special to just go with mommy!) and to wish Mimi and Pa a Happy Halloween! We played for a bit and Mimi gave Hads a Halloween treat!

We all came home and napped and got ready for trick or treating with the Pfeiffers. Of course, Hadley wanted to put her costume on the second she woke up and sat on the front porch begging to go trick or treating. 

As soon as everyone got to our house the girls wanted to trick or treat! 

Harper and I manned the candy passing out and the big girls stayed close (They may have gone to the same houses several times!)

My parents came by to take some pictures with the girls. And it was hilarious to watch everyone react to my dad in his costume. Everyone knew right away who he was and the teenage girls were hilarious--they kept squealing that he looked JUST like Phil and kept asking if he was really Phil. So funny! 

Harper and Hadley were both Cinderella, and I promise you've never seen a sweeter Cinderella than my Harper. 

The best picture I could get...Hads was way too excited for trick-or-treating!

After trick- or - treating the girls looked through their candy and watched Charlie Brown Halloween. While the grown-ups ate dinner the little girls disappeared upstairs. When we went to investigate we found them laying in Hadley's bed playing on the iPad! They were two tuckered out princesses!

This morning Hadley was so sad that Halloween was over and hasn't taken her costume off yet.  I told her Thanksgiving would be here soon and that the Ross's were coming and now she is bugging me non-stop about where Jenny, Erik, Mick and Nemo are! (aka cousins Nick and Noah) Thanksgiving can't get here soon enough!! Happy Halloween everyone!