Friday, August 31, 2012

Big Day

We had a big day today.

There is a Gymboree really close to our house and we had our first class this morning. Hadley had a blast and didn't stop running around the whole time. It is supposed to be a class and so hopefully next time she will sit and listen to the teacher! It is literally down the street and when the weather gets nicer we will be able to walk there.

After Gymboree we went straight to church for Meet the Teacher. She is starting Mother's Day Out next week. We had parent orientation last night and I was able to meet all the moms in our class and hear about what she will be doing. This morning, all the kids came and we all played together in her new classroom. She did great.

 She walked right in and sat down at the table and started playing....

Then she made sure that Kitty had a nice spot...

And cooked Kitty, her teacher and me a nice snack. 

After a long nap, we were playing upstairs. I left her alone for 2 minutes and she completely emptied her drawers....

We ended the night at our favorite Friday night dinner place, Mi Cocina. Hadley and Kitty were both covered in beans by the end of the night. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The next American Idol...

We recently got this Minnie Mouse boom box with a working microphone and Hadley sings on it all the time. She was in a performing mood today and gave Em, Caroline and me a great show....

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sporty Girl

This weekend we did something that I know Derek has been dying to do with Hadley. She went to her first sporting event. To celebrate Pa's birthday, Christi planned the funnest birthday party. A suite at the Rangers game! Hadley had to do her first sporting event in style! Hah.

Hadley did great at the game and we were able to stay for all 9 inings. She was in awe walking into the stadium and sat in her stroller in silence.

She ran around the suite the whole time and loved the music and the cheering. She would take a few breaks every once and a while and sit with her Mimi who would give her a sip of water to cool off...

And she spent the rest of the time running around, playing with Abbey and Zoey and of course, cheering on the Rangers with Austin. 

I know this will be the first of many sporting events we go to with Hadley (especially if we have a suite!!) and I'm sure she's been counting down the minutes  seconds until the start of the UT football season- just like her dad.  

Go Rangers and happy birthday Pa!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Catch-up

Since today was the first day of school, the former teacher in me always counts this week as the end of summer. Even though this is my third year not starting a school year, it still feels so weird! My first group of students start high school today and my last group will begin middle school. I can't believe it. Since its the end of summer, I thought I'd catch up on what we've been doing since we got home from the beach...

We had our annual DeLany family reunion in Comfort, Texas again this year. We stayed in a wonderful B&B and had a blast catching up with family and playing with our cousins.

The kids' generation and the whole group

Here a few pictures from my phone from this summer:

 Slumber party at Aunt Caroline's

 a big girl pony tail

Saturday morning cartoons with Maverick

 Jammie dance party with Austin

 I walked out into the hallway and saw this...Maverick was not happy and I rescued her right after I snapped this picture!

 Hadley's nap mat was delievered and the first thing she did was put Kitty down for a nap...

My girlfriend Lacey dropped of the Minnie we left at her house and Hadley discovered it herself and it was so funny. Now, I'll leave little toys out on that window and her favorite thing to do after her nap is to check her treasure spot. So funny. 

 She loves swinging

 The girls spent the night at my parents and they made this little pallet together the next morning

Hads is a girlie girl and loves dress-up. This was her outfit of choice...

 Her great-grandparents reading her a story at their new house in Dallas!

 Pigtails and bracelets

At a bounce house play area. She was in Heaven and said "jump jump" about 100 times that day!

Of course, this is just a small peek of what we have done this summer. Thank goodness for phone camera! We are sad to see such a fun summer go by so fast but excited for Fall to get here!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Destin 2012

I spent almost three weeks in Destin, Fl last month. Hadley and I were officially beach bums and as much as I love being at home, I'd be ready to go back in a heartbeat! Hadley and I stayed an extra week in between the two family vacations (Derek had to go home and work!) and it was a blast.

Part one:

Like last year, the boys drove and Caroline and I flew with the girls. 2 tiny people add A LOT of stuff when you are traveling and so having the boys drive is a must! Hadley had her own seat on the plane and it was a breeze. (Although, trekking through the airport and getting on the plane was not a breeze with a 20 month old. Thank goodness my parents were there!!)

We rented the same house as the last two years and cooked at home and went out to dinner sans babies. Hadley is STILL taking two naps and the monitor worked outside, so I could still lounge and read books. When Hadley was awake we took her out to the beach and she didn't love it.  The sand, the water, the sunscreen...she did enjoy sitting under the tent, drinking a juice box and reading her Elmo book (momma's girl!) Finally on the 4th she ventured out into the water and LOVED it. The water was super calm and because of a weird sand bank, we essentially had a baby pool as our beach.

Emily loved showing Hadley how to play in the beach

I made the girls a few matching outfits for the 4th and we tried to take some cute pictures....but we didn't succeed! Maybe next year, they will pose together and be sweet for the camera! 
Love her sassy face

"get this sand OFF of me."

Patriotic babes

We had a babysitter come every other night so the grown-ups could go to dinner!

It was a wonderful week. Thank you mom and dad so much!!

Part 2:

Christi, Zoey and Abbey came up a week early just to spend the week with Hadley and I. It was so so fun and I am so grateful Christi came up and let me stay in their condo for that extra week! We had a great girls week- we ate at fabulous restaurants, did lots of shopping, played at the beach and loved on Hadley! The girls are amazing and are the best babysitters. I am definitely missing having 2 live in cousins/babysitters! 

Abbey and Hadley

Part 3:

When the rest of the Johnson clan got there, we had a full house! It was such a fun week being all together and Hadley really enjoyed having a huge audience to dance and sing to.  
She loves doing the chicken dance...

One night, Mimi and Pa watched all the kiddos so the grown-ups could go to dinner and it was so fun.

We took some fabulous family pictures down by the beach.

 Mimi and Pa with their grandkids

I just love this picture of Hads and her Mimi. 


Thank you Steve and Christi for everything- it was such fun vacation!