Monday, May 20, 2013

The Last 2 Weeks

Big changes are happening in our house to prepare a certain someone for August. The three big things on our "Hadley to- do List" are 1.) No more paci  2.) Big girl bed  3.) potty training. The last two weeks we've checked the first two off. (and after these last two weeks, its going to be a looooong time before I am brave enough to tackle potty training!)

Two weekends ago we set up the big girl bed and made a big production of moving her crib into the future nursery. This transition was surprisingly easy. She thinks her big girl bed is the best thing that has ever happened and loves showing it to people when they come over. (side story: we had A/C people working upstairs and Hadley was harassing one of the guys to come see her big girl room. He was so embarrassed and nervous over all her attention!)

Her first nap in the big girl bed

The first week was dream. She would play in her bed and occasionally get out and read in her nook. But it was easy.  Fast forward to the next Monday morning. After months of stalling, I finally snapped and did this. 

She literally gasped when I told her that pacis don't work for big girls and that it was broken. 

The morning was fine and then we got in the car (where she loves to have a paci) to meet friends at Chick fil a and she screamed the whole way there. After a very moody lunch and play time, we went to the toy store to pick out a special prize for being a big girl and saying bye bye paci. She marched around Toys R Us with such determination and settled on a few Lalaloopsy toys. 

We gathered a bunch of old pacis and put them in a bag and she handed them to the cashier to "pay" for her new toys. We kept her favorite paci, the one that is broken to show her when she moans for a paci. I'm not going to lie- it was a tough week. She hasn't taken a nap yet and didn't fall asleep until around 10 or so each night. She doesn't ask for her paci, she just can't calm herself down during a temper tantrum or fall asleep with out her beloved paci. 

Derek was out of town for the weekend and so I could have a break and get lots of stuff done for her big girl room I had Abbey and Zoey over Saturday. We spent the morning playing outside hoping it would make her tired enough for a nap.

Hadley being the lifeguard. Love his picture! You can tell she's bossing the girls to swim like a mermaid. 

They had a blast playing outside and while Hadley was taking a "nap" we all went to work. We painted picture frames, sewed curtains and pillows, put together furniture, e.t.c. We spent the rest of the day assembling her new room and it was so fun to have helpers! Such a fun girls night. We celebrated our hard work with a Sonic happy hour drink and they even have teeny-tiny Hadley size drinks. 

Its now been a week since we said bye to the paci and I think we are finally turning a corner. I'm glad this last week is behind us! Last night she went straight to bed (of course the night Derek was home to put her down- such a daddy's girl) and today she woke up and has been in such a sweet mood. 

I'll post pictures of her new room this week, but here is a sneak peek. This is what I find her doing in the mornings when she wakes up. 

And she loves nothing more that having a "teacup party" on her new table. 

Cheers to a new week!