Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saying No

I've found that recently...

When Hadley wants something (like her paci during the day)...

Its getting near impossible to say "no" to this sweet face...(she's signing "please")

Just kidding. I say "no" what feels like all day. And it's usually followed by this...

and this...

I'm a pro at saying "no" now!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

School Update

I promise I will not give an update after every day of school! But Hadley just had her second day of school today.

At drop off she did great again. Since today was the first "full day" she went to school with her bag, lunch box and nap mat. Every day the teachers give a report about your kid's day. And I think we will see a common note sent home from teachers for the next 18 years...

...Hadley talks a lot!

She did not rest, Mrs. Susan said she didn't even lay down, but she put all the dolls and animals to bed in her nap map! I love that they circled "spirited"- what a great description.

She came home and took a LONG nap and then we spent the rest of the afternoon playing with bubbles in the front yard.

Hadley loves watching for the school bus and watching the kids walk home. Our neighbors have young kids and they came out today and said hi. When they went inside Hadley stood in their front yard and said "hiii?". It was so sweet! She wanted to play with the big kids so bad!

Our day ended with a sweet email from Hadley's teacher saying how much they enjoyed her....talking and all! She also made the connection that she taught the Euting kids too! I feel so blessed to have such great teachers that have taught her sweet cousins! How cool is that?! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Sorry

We've been working a lot on manners with Hadley. She now has "please" down and will say and sign it without prompting. She will sign "thank you" but only when asked. My new favorite thing she does is say "sorry". It is adorable and hilarious.

This video is one of my favorites. Her sweet voice at the end telling me she's sorry is too much!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of Pre-School

Today was Hadley's first day of pre-school (or Mother's Day Out). We have been celebrating and preparing for "Back to School" for a couple of weeks.

We had a "Back to School" party with our playgroup friends:

Last night before bed, we set her outfit out and made sure her backpack was packed and ready...

And we played outside for a bit this morning before heading to school....

 Pointing out her favorite flowers

Looking like a big girl

 First Day of Pre-School 2012

She did so good at drop off. When I walked up to the door Mrs. Susan was there to greet her and she reached out for her immediately. Mrs. Judy and Mrs. Susan are her teachers and they are wonderful. They said she had a great day and can't wait to see her next week! Today was just a half day and so next Tuesday she will eat lunch and nap there. 

I couldn't wait to pick her up and she seemed pretty excited to see her momma too! Its going to be a great school year for Hadley!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kitty 2.0

This morning I ran to Nordstom to pick up Hadley some school shoes. While I was waiting for her size I looked into the sales area and you will never guess what I saw- Kitty! On sale. It was meant to be. I bought him and told Derek to be on standby so we could switch the Kitties without Hadley knowing. 

When she woke up form her nap I was holding her on the couch and she let Kitty fall to the floor. Derek swooped in and switched the Kitty and when she asked for him Derek handed her "New Kitty". So far so good. She did give him a weird look, but isn't suspicious yet. 

Old Kitty, meet New Kitty.

Hook 'Em

Last night we cheered on the Longhorns with The Pfeiffers and The Hunters. Since we have the Longhorn Network, we hosted a football watching party. Hadley, Emily and Kennedy colored a longhorn picture while the moms fixed their dinners...

We attempted a photo shoot, but someone (Hadley) wouldn't cooperate. Hadley LOVES playing in the front yard and was not happy that we were trying to hold her and not let her point out all of her flowers.

We came inside right in time for kick off and got the girls comfy upstairs in the playroom...

They played upstairs great and the grown-ups got to watch the game! We put on a movie and Amanda went to check on them and look how cozy they were...

They definitely didn't stay like this long. There was lots of "Mommmmyyyyyyy" from the top of the stairs, but all in all they did really good! Hadley went to sleep and the big girls stayed up to see the Longhorns win. 

We are teaching Hadley to say hook 'em and its hilarious to watch her try. She stares at her fingers and only bends her pointer. 

*Thanks Amanda for the pictures!!