Sunday, July 31, 2011


Its crazy how much babies change in one short week. During this week Hadley learned how to drink out of a straw, "crawl", and pull herself up in the crib. Needless to say, Hadley has been very sleepy this week. Learning all of these tricks makes a little girl very sleepy! I am so proud of our girl.

We are practicing with sippy cups so that when she's 1 we can hopefully transition to sippy cups only. She does great with a straw and I love this cup. She will take a bite of food and then gulp down water
like she's so thirsty! So funny. 


Yesterday during nap time I could hear Hadley playing around while she was trying to fall asleep. I looked at the monitor and I almost died when I noticed she was almost standing up. She pulled herself up to a squat position. Thank goodness she was standing near the wall so that she couldn't fall out! I had to postpone her nap so I could lower the crib mattress!

She has the biggest grin under her paci

If you look closely you can see her in action throwing her paci out of her crib. Her favorite thing to do is toss out all of her pacis. I put around 5 in her crib and she throws all of them but 2 out every morning. (She has to have one in her mouth and a backup in her hand.) She thinks she's pretty funny!

She also started "crawling" this week. I use the term crawling very lightly here. Its more like forward motion scooting like an inch worm. A very cute inch worm I must say. She gets better at it every day and in no time we will have a full time crawling girl! Here's a quick video:

If all this happens in one week I can't imagine what she'll be doing in a month! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lazy Morning

This morning Hadley slept in. The View was on when she finally woke up for good. Sleepy girl! I brought her into my room while I was finishing folding clothes and making up the bed. She was being so silly. I just love our lazy mornings together.

Please excuse the rumpled sheets! When you have to choose between letting your 8 month play in your bed or making the bed up. . .the baby will always win! She sure looks like she's going to crawl soon, doesn't she??

Here is another video from this evening. Hadley has figured out how to "walk" in her toy. I love how quickly Maverick gets annoyed with her!

Today has been a great day with my girl!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Girl and Her Dog

Maverick and Hadley love each other although Maverick would never admit it. Sometimes Maverick pouts that she's not the baby in the house but recently they've started interacting so much more. Yesterday, Hadley was in her jumper and Maverick came right over to her. Hadley had her hands out and she was petting (aka: banging) on Mav's back and Maverick was loving the attention. This game went on for a long time! (As soon as I got the camera out Maverick would run away!)

Hadley was wearing her puppy dress and so we had to have a photo shoot. I love both my girls!

"Come here Maverick!"

Dogs are so funny!

I love that Maverick is "winking" in this picture. I wonder what she is thinking!

It really is a fair trade-off. Hadley claps and gives Maverick attention. And in return. . .

Hadley has the cleanest toesies in America!

In some lights Hadley's eyes look very blue. It was dusk in these pictures so she could look directly into the sunlight and her eyes look so blue! Such a pretty girl.

Monday, July 18, 2011

8 Months

Is it just me or does 8 months sound so old? This is the best age and I wish I could keep her like this for forever. We don't go to the doctor until her 9 month appointment, so I don't have official stats but she is growing so fast. She seems to get taller and taller each day! Here's what Hadley is like at 8 months:

Sleep: Hadley is the best sleeper. We have really settled into a great sleep pattern. She has proved to be so flexible and keeps to her schedule no matter where we are. She going to sleep at 7:30 and sleeps until 7:30 the next day. After her morning feed she almost always goes back to sleep until 8:45-9. Bless her! She takes two 2 hour naps during the day. I prefer them to be at 10:30 and then again at 3. We are working hard on keeping these naps consistent! 

Eating: You eat 4 oz every 3 hours and are doing great with your solids. You have a fruit yogurt and cereal for breakfast and then eats veggies and fruits for dinner at about 5:30. You still take between 5-6 bottles per day and you still have no teeth!

Sizes: You are wearing 3-6 month from everywhere. If an outfit has feet you have to go up a size since you're so tall. But during the summer you are mostly wearing rompers and bubbles and 3-6 still fits! I have a couple of 9 month outfits but I'm trying to hold onto the 3-6 clothes for as long as possible!! You are wearing the 2-3 Pampers Diapers. 

Things you love: You love sitting up and jumping in your jumper. You love when people give you attention and you talk/shout non-stop. 

Activities: We are still in our music class at Kidville and we meet up with our friends every Thursday afternoon.  We play and run errands between your naps. 

New things you do: You clap and and really react to people now. You are starting to lunge forward and it makes me wonder if crawling is coming soon...You just started shaking your head like your saying no and its really cute. You crack yourself up!

Routine: You wake up at 8:30 take a nap from 10:30-12:30 and a nap from 3-5. We start bedtime at 7 with a bath and you are asleep by 7:30. Hadley did such a good job keeping this routine while we were on vacation and I was so proud of her!

Hadley is the sweetest, happiest baby and I fall in love with her more each day. She is such a joy and I don't know what Derek and I did to have this perfect baby girl!

Pictures are getting a little tough especially since she's discovered the sticker on her onesie. The whole time she was pulling it off...oh well!

"Get this sticker off!"

She ripped the bow and the sticker off and photo shoot was done!

P.S I know I will want to remember how light her hair was when she is this age. I would have never in a million years guess I'd have a baby that has blonde hair growing in. Derek and I both have dark brown/black hair. Look at her hair in this picture!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Destin 2011

Going to Destin each summer is my favorite summer memory. I am so thankful that both of our families vacation there every year. The Kellys rent a house and the Johnsons own the most beautiful condo. This year worked out perfectly because we got to spend time with both families. We started off the vacation with my parents and we stayed in a house out in Seagrove Beach. Caroline, Em and me and Hadley flew Southwest into Panama City Beach with my parents. It was such an easy 20 minute drive to our house. Derek and Mark drove so they could bring all of our baby stuff. You wouldn't believe how much stuff it takes for 2 babies and 6 adults. It was incredible how much stuff we brought! The trip was wonderful and I loved showing Hadley the beautiful beaches of Northwest Florida.

Week One:
Hadley loved jumping in her bouncer and looking at the ocean!
Showing Hadley the beach
First time her toesies were in the sand
Poppy and Hadley
Playing in the baby pool 
Caroline found a babysitter to come a few nights so we could all go out to dinner without the babies!  
Happy 4th of July! 

Getting a picture of these two was impossible. We should have waited until the sun went down, but we were a little impatient!

Group picture!
Thanks mom and dad for a great vacation!!

While everyone was packing up on Friday, Derek and I got to relax since our vacation wasn't over!

 Week 2:

We headed over to the Johnsons (thanks for picking us up Steve!) to spend the second part of our vacation with the whole family. Hadley was beyond spoiled on this part of the trip. I don't think she was left alone for a minute during her awake time! Between her Mimi and Pa, her Aunt Jessica and Jenny and her 6 cousins she was taken care of and loved on. Abbey and Zoey played with her, learned to make bottles, fed her and helped me bathe her. They are great little babysitters already!
Zoey and Abbey loving on Hadley
One morning the boys went deep sea fishing and came home with so many red snapper that it fed all 14 of us and we had leftovers! Tim and Erik cooked up the fish and it was good as any restaurant we've been to. I hope this stays a annual tradition!
Tyler, Derek and Nick with some of their fish!

Steve and Christi were nice enough to babysit all the kids (all SEVEN of them) and treated the big kids (Jess and Tim, Jenny and Erik and Derek and I) to a wonderful dinner at Louisiana Lagniappe. We were celebrating Jessica's birthday, Jenny and Erik's anniversary and our anniversary. Thank you Mimi and Pa for our date night! We had so much fun at dinner and then went to a local piano bar. So fun!
Jenny, Jessica and I!
Hadley loved swimming
Group picture!
Thank you Mimi and Pa for a great vacation!

I brought so many clothes for Hadley and she was the best dressed baby in Destin! Although, she spent a lot of the vacation just in a diaper. I think I learned my lesson about bringing too many clothes! (I never thought I would say that!) Thank you Mimi for our fishy dress- Hadley was very excited to wear it!!

We had such a wonderful time and it was so fun to have our sweet Hadley there with us. She was so good during the whole trip and pretty much stayed on her schedule. We are so lucky! It was such a fun vacation and I even got to read a few books down by the ocean. Thank you to everyone who watched and played with Hadley! She keeps looking around for an audience to show-off for! I think she's getting bored of just me! Its been nice to get home and unpacked and back in the swing of things, but I'm counting down the days until we get to go back!

Friday, July 15, 2011


 Here's what we were up to in June:

We started out June celebrating some of our favorite people being married. Stephen and Julia are our dearest friends and we are so incredible blessed they are now married! Their wedding day was perfect, Julia was breathtaking and I've never been to a wedding where a couple was more in love. They both adore each other.

We had a busy weekend and Hadley was passed around from grandma to grandma and Aunt Jess! On Friday I had a bridemaids luncheon and a mani/pedi party and Derek and the boys golfed so Hads spent Friday with her grandmothers. The rehearsal dinner was at the Charlie Palmer hotel and it was amazing. Julia's dress was incredible.

Saturday, Hadley has her first sleepover at Aunt Jessica's house! I think Hadley was a good girl and all the Euting kids were sweet to share their mom that night!

It was such a fun morning spending time with the girls

Julia was the most beautiful bride

Derek and Slater

The Slaters. Love you guys so, so much!

 The next weekend we had our annual DeLany family reunion. This year we switched it up a bit and went to Comfort, Texas and stayed at The Meyer Inn Bed and Breakfast. It was amazing and if you like the hill country we definitely recommend. (Comfort is about an hour away from San Antonio)

We visited a winery in Sisterdale, Tx
We loved seeing Audrey, Travis and Lillian
The kids (minus Kyle and Laurelyn...we missed you!)

DeLany cousins
The whole group. This reunion has been going on for many decades. 

Hadley's first (of many) DeLany family reunion!