Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Hadley is learning so much right now. We are working on identifying body parts and animal sounds and I love how she looks so intently at me when I'm talking to her. She is no longer interested in her "baby" toys and its all about babies, helping mommy and running around! She doesn't walk, she bounces. It's adorable.

 Where's your teeth?

 Talking and watching for visitors

 Reading to her best friend, Kitten. Hadley loves putting all her babies on the bottom step and reading to them.


One of my favorite things that Hadley is doing now is her talking. Hadley literally talks all day long. There usually isn't a time where she isn't jabbering away at someone. Its obvious she thinks she's saying something and I can't wait until her babbles turn into real words! She will have a lot to say!

Here is a video of Hads reading her book to Kitten. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hadley's hair is growing at an alarming pace and is all over the place. She is getting harder and harder to chase around to brush it, so some days we just smooth it, put a bow in and call it a day. She is still beautiful crazy hair and all!

And, last week Hadley turned 15, yes FIFTEEN months old. I can't believe it. I am loving seeing glimpses of her personality and she is still as sweet as ever.... except for a few times (a day)...

At our 15 month appointment, Dr. Terry asked if she was starting to throw tantrums...I guess I can check that milestone off now!

 I'll write more about her 15 month updates soon!