Sunday, April 22, 2012

Talking to Mav

Derek was hanging out with Hadley yesterday and she was talking to Maverick non stop.  He recorded her and I'm SO glad he did. We have watched this video about 100 times and its hilarious. Poor Mav!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

17 months

In a few weeks Hadley will be a year and a half old! I can not believe that. She is such a sweet, funny little girl and we are having so much fun. She has quiet the personality and is a bit bossy. Yesterday we were at Caroline's and Emily had to go into time out. Hads followed and proceeded to squat down where Em was in Time Out and shook her finger and said no no no no and gave Emily a little lecture. It was hilarious! (Emily did NOT find it funny at all)

She also loves playing outside and since it was rainy yesterday morning we had to make due inside. She sat by the door with her shoes in her hands for a while. It was equally pitiful and hilarious.

Here is what we were up to this week (from our phone pictures):

 She love lining up all her animals on the edge of her crib...

 Hadley and her main squeeze, Austin had few dates...

 The Easter Bunny left her a new reading nook in her room! She loves it!

 Austin and Hads

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend

Holidays are so much more fun to celebrate now that we have Hadley. She doesn't "get" it yet, but I love attempting to make these Holidays special and memorable for her.

During the week we had a fun Easter party with our friends:

We started the long weekend off celebrating Derek's 28th birthday with my family:

And we were within driving distance from Erik and Jenny and so we got to spend a few hours with them:

We stopped by the Gilmore's to say hi and Aunt Debbie had so many toys for the girls! She got a Radio Flyer wagon for the girls to use at their house and Emily and Hadley refused to get out! Aunt Debbie and GG love to spoil their great-nieces and the girls both got the sweetest purses:

Easter Sunday we went to early church with the Johnson clan. We took up the whole pew! Hadley went to the nursery and had a blast. One of my 5th grade teachers was the nursery volunteer that morning, it was so fun showing Hadley off to her:

We went to Jessica's for lunch, and our two nieces Abbey and Zoey are the best helpers. The three girls sat at the "kids" table and they take such good care of their Hadley! Hadley ran around the whole afternoon and was in heaven. She kept going up to their dog (Maverick's mom!) and telling her "no no doggie" it was hilarious! Jessica bought mini eggs for Hadley but Hads didn't quite understand that she was supposed to find them and put them in her basket. She kept taking the eggs out of her basket- maybe next year!! The egg hunt was inside because of the weather, and I didn't get any pictures while we were there. I need to hire a photographer to follow us around! Hadley ended the afternoon by lounging in Aunt Jessica's bed with Abbey and Zoey and watching her favorite show! 

Later that evening we went to my parents for dinner. The Easter bunny came and Hadley and Emily wouldn't stay still for a picture once they saw their baskets! 

The Easter Bunny was sweet enough to bring Hads a new stuffed animal, a bunny! Its the same brand as her Kitten and she had a great time introducing the two to each other!

We headed outside to attempt some pictures and another egg hunt:

They were thrilled to get their picture taken! haha

Thanks Caroline for all the pictures! I didn't take one the whole weekend! I can't believe it...

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter with loved ones.