Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Photo Update

Here is what we've been up to this last month from the pictures from my phone:

 We celebrated Emily's 2nd birthday party in our best Minnie Mouse outfit

 A fancy night without Hadley 

There's been a whole lot of dancing...

Hadley loves brushing her teeth and she loves telling you were her teeee are

 We went to Destin with some great friends 

 We've been swimming a lot in Emily's new pool (and driving her Cozy Coupe in her birthday suit!)

 Summer time lunch on the patio is the best

We started swim lessons and dropped out! Hadley isn't quite ready for swim school!

 Hanging out with Austin and watching the huge thunderstorm outside 

Emily got a new bounce house and we had to break it in. Kitty came along for the jumping...

Hadley's new "castle". She is obsessed. I can't keep her out of it! During breakfast this morning she was screaming and when I took her out of her high chair she bolted up the stairs and went straight in here.

Hadley loves to color! She sits here every morning and colors me a picture while I'm getting breakfast ready. 

We've also had a few new house updates! Curtains and pillows came in and we've painted the family room and kitchen! Here are a few pictures...