Sunday, April 20, 2014

Derek is 30!!

On April 1st, Derek turned 30!  This is our 11th birthday to celebrate together, which is so crazy.  Time flies.

Derek and I on his 21st birthday... we were such babies and we thought 30 was so old! 

Steve, Christi and I threw Derek a party and we had it at our house.

A big group of guys golfed in the morning and then everyone came over to our house that night.  We had it catered by Lockhart BBQ and the food was so, so good.  My dad brought his famous "Gary Margaritas" and a good time was had by all!  The weather was a little chilly, but the majority of the party was outside under our new patio!

Decor Pictures:

Party Pictures:

Hadley stayed up until the last party guest left.  She had so much fun and still talks about Daddy's party.  Abbey put Harper down for bed at her normal time and she slept through the whole party!  Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Derek's birthday.  We love you Derek!!