Monday, December 30, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

This fall we had some family pictures taken. They were taken by my sweet friend, Holly. I used to teach with her and she is one of my sister in law's close friend. She now stays home with her 2 year old twins and is a full time photographer as well- I can't recommend Holly Natale Photography enough!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had a great Thanksgiving this year. We have so much to be thankful for. We had three Thanksgiving- lucky us!!

Thanksgiving #1

The Ross's were in town for Thanksgiving this year and it was the first time they met Harper. We celebrated Nick and Noah's birthday the first night they got there.

Derek re-living his glory days with Tanner

We had Thanksgiving at the Eutings and Tim fried our turkeys. They were delicious!

 Kids table

Thanksgiving #2

We had Thanksgiving dinner at the Gilmore's. Such a fun night!

The girls had so much fun playing at Debbie's house

Thanksgiving #3

Derek and I loaded up the girls at 5am and drove to the ranch. Both girls slept the whole 4 hours there and it was such an easy first road trip for Harper! We celebrated with Roger, Laurelyn, Delany and Kyle.

Happy Thanksgiving!! (a few weeks late!)

Santa 2013

I had a fun Santa day planned for my girls last Friday and it started by getting to the mall before it opened. We got in line to see Santa at 9:45 and were the first ones there. By the time 10 rolled around there were about 30 people behind us!

While we were waiting for Santa, Hadley and I talked about seeing Santa and she was telling Harper about him.

My girls in their first (of many!!!) matching Christmas dresses. Ah! Thank you Betty for the darling dresses!!

Right before you get to see Santa you get to play in the snow globe- where they have snow falling. Hadley was hilarious and very theatrical in the snow globe. She was prancing and dancing around!

When Santa called our name, Hadley marched right up to him and he told her he loved her dress. She did a little twirl for him and climbed on his lap. He was such a great Santa- he talked to her about being a big sister and made her feel so special!

Santa asked Hadley what she wanted and she said..........a turkey Cinderella! What?! Santa replied, "How about a Barbie House?" Uh, slow down Santa! 

After Santa, Hadley and I dropped off Harper at Mimi's house and went to see Frozen. It was her first movie at the theatre and she did really good! There is a naughty snowman and we never really recovered after his big scene! We left with about 20 minutes left, so I'm dying to know how it ends!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Harper's Baptism

We recently had Harper's Baptism at our Church and it was such a special day. Derek and I love our Church and CUMC has been apart of our lives for a very long time so it was such a fun day for us. Hadley was very proud to be at big church and we she showed us where she sits when she goes to Chapel in school.

Our family took up a lot of room and our Minister, Don said some wonderful things about our family. He baptized me, Hadley and now Harper. And both girls wore the dress I wore when I was baptized! 

After church, everyone came to our house for lunch.

Harper had an outfit change to start the party!

Christi and Steve had Newk's cater our lunch and it was delicious. And since the baptism was the day after Hadley's party we used all of the same decor. We ate lunch and then the kiddos played with all of Hadley's new toys and everyone passed around our Harper.

Harper, you are so loved. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hadley's Third Birthday Party

Celebrating this birthday with Hads was so fun. She is really understanding Holidays and her birthday is nothing short of that- a Hadley Holiday. When we started thinking about a party we asked her what she wanted to do, and she always answered a dance party. So because of that we had the 2nd Annual Dancing and Donuts to celebrate our sweet girl.

On Friday, while Hadley was at Jessica's house I set up for the party. When she got home Derek and I gave her her party dress and she was so excited! She wanted to try out her "dance studio".

The party was similar to last year. The kids played and ate and then two dance teachers came to do dancing and games.

Here are some party pictures. Thank you for everyone that came to celebrate our girl!

Gorgeous flowers from my mom

Sneaking a donut 

The party favors! Barefoot n Baking

Hadley's favorite part! The dancing! She took it so seriously and was doing everything the teachers told her. She had so much fun. 

Singing Happy Birthday

After all of her friends left we opened gifts and played with our favorites until she passed out!

That night, the Johnsons, Kellys, Eutings and Pfeiffers all went to Hadley's favorite restaurant, Mi Cocina (aka Mico). We didn't get a big group picture, but we had the biggest table in the place! We sang Happy Birthday one last time and her week-long birthday celebration came to a close!

Happy 3rd Birthday Hadley!!!