Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

Its hard to believe we just celebrated our second Christmas with Hadley. It was a great Christmas season with fun parties and making new traditions with Hadley. Derek and I always want Hadley to know the reason for the season and we don't want it to only be about Santa.

Hadley's very own Nativity set. This was her favorite holiday toy. I tried to explain to her the story of Christmas, but I'm not sure she quite understood. The baby Jesus has been found in the ballpit, under the couch cushion, in her mouth, and he is now missing. Maybe we will find him for next year's Christmas!

We are so lucky that both of our families are near and we are able to spend so much time with them during the Holidays. Our Christmas celebrating started a week early when Grams came in town. Grams comes here all the way from Wisconsin and it is so special to have her here! We had several different events during the week...
 Her newest favorite food- applesauce that she feeds her self. 
Hanging out at the Eutings Christmas party

We celebrated Christmas at the Johnsons and had a blast spending the whole day all together. Hadley was exhausted at the end of the day, because she played non-stop!

 Sweet Johnson grandchildren! 

 Mimi and Pa with the kiddos
 Erik and Derek

 The kids may or may not have been bribed to get some great group shots!

 Daddy and his girl

After we ate we opened presents and we were all spoiled! This was Hadley's face during present opening!

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, playing with our new toys and loving on Hads!


We had my parents annual Christmas Eve brunch the next morning and Hadley took a nap during the first part. The brunch is something I look forward to every year and its a great time to catch up with my oldest friends and with family friends I've known most of my life! 

Me and Lacey- Me, Hadley and DeAnn

Emily and Hadley were adorable and on their best behavior!

That night we headed to the Gilmore's for dinner and Christmas carols. 

Hadley and Emily played and we changed them into their Christmas jammies for the Christmas Carols. Dad and I provide the music and the girls decided they needed to join the family band.

We went to sleep at my parents house and when we woke up we all discovered that Santa came! We spent the morning opening presents. We must have all been good because there were plenty of presents to go around!!

And then we spend the rest of the afternoon fighting over playing with our new toys.

Hope you and your loved ones had as special as a Christmas as we did!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

We've Moved!

2 weeks ago, Derek and I did something big. We closed and said goodbye to our first home. These are the pictures from the realtor and I want to put them here so we will always have them!

We are so proud of our first home and we want Hadley to know about her first house. We will always have so many fond memories of this house and will miss being in Frisco. When we handed the keys away at the closing I got very nostalgic, but I know we have great things ahead!

Here is a sneak peek to the new house! We (well mostly me) are having a great time decorating our new home and making it our home! You're welcome to stop by anytime!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Playgroup Christmas Brunch

We had our playgroup Christmas brunch this year at our house. Last year we had it at Caroline's...

and its crazy to think how big the babies have gotten.

I've had so much fun decorating the new house for Christmas and I'm finally getting to use some of our Christmas china (which has been at my mom's house for the past 4 years!) Everyone came over and we played before eating. I brought the picnic table in so the kids could have somewhere to sit, and someone taught another certain someone how to climb on it...

 Up to no good. 

We ate yummy brunchy food...

Hadley was dressed in one of her adorable Christmas dresses...

We ended our party attempting a group picture. Yikes! 

Mason, Kennedy, Alexandra, Hadley, Knox, Emily and Austin! 
That's a lot of babies and we were still missing 3! 

I think Hadley is learning how fun this time of year can be! She is upstairs sleeping. She's exhausted from hosting all her friends for the afternoon.