Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas 2013 (Part 1)

Christmas this year was so fun. It was Harper's first Christmas and Hadley really understood the whole Christmas and Santa part. We also really tried to teach her the real meaning of Christmas, but it's hard for a three year old to grasp that. We had so much fun the whole season decorating our house, shopping for others and looking at "sparkly trees" AKA Christmas lights.

Our Christmas started on the Friday before when the Rosses and Grams got into town. We went full speed until they both had to leave! During the day on Friday Hadley was with Jessica and Grams all day. She had such a blast shopping with them and being a helper wrapping gifts. She also got to eat lunch at Cobb Middle School with Zoey and go to Abbey's school party!

 Friday night we hung out at the Eutings. It had only been three weeks since we've seen the Rosses but Hadley was SO excited to see them! Grams came all the way from Wisconsin and is one of Hadley's favorites. Derek and I were so proud to have Grams meet Harper- her 15th great-grandchild! 

Saturday, we spent the whole day at the Euting's. We decorated cookies and the kids played all day. I love seeing Hadley with all her cousins. It seems like it was just yesterday that they were all her age! When I first met all of the kids Tanner wasn't even 5 and now he is 16!! Abbey wasn't even born yet and now she and Zoey babysit MY babies!  All of the kids are so sweet to Hadley and make her feel so special.

Saturday night we went to Main Event to bowl and play games. Hadley LOVED the bowling. She used a toddler ramp and she and Abbey were on a team. Hadley couldn't get enough!

Sunday we went to Church and brunch at the Club, and then hung out at the Johnson's. 

That night all of the grown-ups went to dinner at Artin's in the Shops at Legacy. The kids all came to our house. 

Monday was our Johnson Christmas Day. We spent the whole day at the Johnsons and opened presents and ate great food!

We were all exhausted after all of the fun and came home and went to sleep! It was such a great Johnson Christmas- one I will always remember!

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  1. So here goes the most random post ever…I grew up with Mindy Rives and found your blog on her blogroll. I just had a daughter and named her Hadley…which is how I ended up on your blog-I saw one of your posts and realized you have a Hadley too (not too common of a name!). If you're ever looking to sell any of your Hadley monogrammed stuff, let me know :-) I'd definitely be interested!